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Goodbye Residential Lighting, Hello New Efficiency Opportunities!

Goodbye Residential Lighting, Hello New Efficiency Opportunities!

It is with mixed emotions that I write this blog to bid adieu to one of the hallmarks of energy efficiency, residential lighting. While homes across the region and nation still have inefficient lighting technologies installed, the market transformation path for this measure is all but inevitable, and the need for NEEP’s continued thought leadership has ended.

Street Lighting: The High-Up, Low-Hanging Fruit

CLICK HERE to access a March 2015 webinar recording featuring LED Street Lighting Conversion Strategies, feauturing a case study of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Portland, ME Partners with US Department of Energy to Advance Outdoor Lighting Options

Last month, the City of Portland became the latest city to partner with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on their High Performance Outdoor Lighting Accelerator. The move is the latest in a suite of energy efficiency initiatives taken...

LED Lighting.. for Zoos!

Thanks to E Source for contributing some of their insights on commercial LED applications. Take it away Beth!

As LED lighting becomes more popular, a wide range of larger commercial industries can benefit from the significant energy savings potential from this promising technology. Energy research firm E Source works with utilities to help them evaluate a variety of programs...

They use Incandescent bulbs? That was so 1879

As NEEP bids farewell to the incandescent light bulb, and congratulates ten cities in the United States for their embrace of efficient lighting, Congress has, unfortunately, yielded to obstinate consumers. Congress’ recent...

Innovation and Regulation: A Winning Partnership Formula

It’s always interesting to witness a convergence of events that serve to highlight and illustrate an issue raised in the course of public debate.

Such a convergence has occurred in recent weeks, in this case involving energy efficiency standards set by the states and the federal government, which date to the days when Ronald Reagan was governor of California and public consciousness began turning to the idea that energy...

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From Edison to the LED, NEEP’s RLS Has You Covered

Light is amazing. Not only is the lightbulb the international symbol for ideas and innovation, but lighting is one of humankind’s earliest technologies. From the first...

25K and Climbing!

The QPL is growing at a blistering pace!

Join the DLC in Chicago to Delve into the Ever-Evolving SSL Industry

Let us take you on a journey. A journey of commercial lighting developments through time, and into a bright and promising future.

The DLC sheds some light on LIGHTFAIR2013

 When’s the last time you walked into your living room and got excited about your light fixtures? Really? Never? Well, then you’ve clearly never been to a...