Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships

2014 NEEP Summit

Energy Efficiency Policy Tracker: August 2014

This summer, we’ve seen the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states continue tackle the major themes outlined at last month’s NEEP Summit in Newport: modernizing the electric grid, de-carbonizing the electric sector, and managing electric-gas infrastructure constraints in New England.


Air Source Heat Pumps a hot topic at NEEP’s Pre-Summit Workshop

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) are one of the fastest growing heating and cooling technologies in our region. They have impressive efficiency profiles, high customer satisfaction reviews and are all electric, which means they can take pressure off fossil fuels and also be integrated with on-site solar generation.

NEEP Summit and Business Leaders on YouTube

John Otterbein, Marketing Communications Associate...

Alphabet Soup: Evaluation Workshop at Annual NEEP Summit

Danielle Wilson, Regional EM&V Forum Associate...